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Real estate today

We started our radio show, Real Estate Today with The Hahn Team in April of 2013, after hearing the staggering statistics that 70% of the people who go through the entire foreclosure process and lose their home through a foreclosure sale never even tried to sell their homes!  That was heart breaking and told us that no none ever sat down with those people to explain their options.  Throughout the foreclosure process you still have options.  Thus it became our mission to inform those people with distressed properties and navigate through the distressed property nightmare.  Most weeks we feature a segment on the show to let people know that even though our economy has rebounded there are still hurting people and families unable to make their mortgage payments and we are here to help.

The remainder of the show features guests from all phases of real estate:  inspectors, escrow, sewer, water problem contractors, landscapers, radon & mold just to name a few.  We also have shows about fixing up your property and all the ways you can keep your home in good safe condition.

First Friday of each month features Scott Kirkland, Branch Manager & Mortgage Advisor  of Root Mortgage.  Scott helps us understand all financial issues from how to get ready for a mortgage to how world events affect our financial picture.  Scott is an expert on building or rebuilding your credit.  Scott and Root Mortgage have a relational approach to this business and provides great service and executes on their promises.

Please join us every Friday afternoon from 2-3 pm on 93.9 fm-KPDQ.


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